Design & Branding


Leena Gifts is a natural fragrance and incense producer in Yemen. Targeting the European market which adore this sector of perfumes. Branding natural and organic product with an Arabic style that reflects its originality was the biggest matter that needed to take care of. The 2nd phase was to design the incense package and the client wanted to have pure Yemeni concept. Result: The logo consists of the symbol and the logo type. Logo was designed to hold some ideas that reflect its nature ”Yemeni and organic” and to keep in the same time modernity look. Black color were used to make the design applicable for different packaging colors and to view the strength of the logo. Later on, The package was designed using Yemeni Qamria concept. The Qamria is famous element in Yemeni buildings and it’s been used in many places in Yemen since very long time.

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