Projects & Documentary
Anonymous faces on the margins of change

Within global uprisings, some individuals grab media attention, while countless voices supporting these movements are overlooked. These unknown heroes are the true essence of 'popular' uprisings.

My Father’s Last Days

This is not a professional work, it is just sad personal memories of my dad’s last days in life. All the photos were taken using mobile camera by me or my brother, Suhaib.

Through the Lens: Capturing Yemen's 2011 Call for Change

Some moments, Memories & Snapshots that I took during Yemen Revolution in 2011


A wedding in the city that had clashes in some parts of it, where we had only two hours of electricity a day! That simply tells a lot about the people of Yemen. An idea that was born during the days of the clashes in Yemen during 2011.

Weddings in Yemen

Some images of unfinished series about weddings in Yemen. 

18 March 2011

Here I'm sharing some of the photos that I witnessed in 18 March 2011. I really can't write much about this tribble day since I feel confused each time I look back to these photos as I was feeling the same day I took them while I was shaking and crying.